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You are specially interested in :
Lux Optical
lux optical Eye safety
The Fun The over glasses
The Light The welding
The Trendy Optoélectronique
The Technical PLUM
Monoblocs Accessories
Models with temples Présentoirs
Earline Protection
lux optical Head safety and hearing protection
Ear muffs Helmets
Face shields and ear-muffs Ear plugs
Toplock Rescue
lux optical Fall arrest technology
Harnais antichute Ceinture de maintien
Connecteurs Crochets
Longes Absorbeur d'énergie
Antichute Cordes
Ligne de vie Trépied
Treuil Sellette
Helmets Kit antichute
Sacs Lampe frontale
Lunettes Gloves
Coverguard Seasons
lux optical Outdoor safety clothes
Sofshell Polar fleece
Polycotton Polyester
Ripstop Breathane/Breathable
Windcheaters Soya Fiber
Cooldry® Summer
All-land Buck-up wear
Rain Hats
Accessories Display shelf
Coverguard Hi-Viz
lux optical Hi Visibility clothes
Station > Softshell Station > Polar fleece fibers
Hi-way > Non breathable polyester Harbor > Polyuréthane
Airport > Breathane Patrol > Cotton-poly
Coast outdoor >
Yard >Polyester mesh
Warning safety Casquettes - Hoods and armbands
Safety Shoes
lux optical Chaussures de sécurité
Tonic Outdoor
Training Trekking
Summer Classic
Outdoor Leather boots
Artisant PU-PVC
Thighs cuissardes
Sup Air
Sup-air Breathing protection
disposable half masks higiene masks

full masks with cartridges

Filter cartridges for half masks
half masks with cartridges
Eurotechnique Gloves
lux optical hand protection
Dockers gloves Drivers gloves
water-resistant gloves cold-resistant leather gloves
welding gloves PVC gloves
rough latex gloves sewed cotton gloves
technical gloves knitted cotton gloves
Nylon gloves with dots
Gloves Abralon
Abralon gloves with dots
Terry cotton gloves
Kevlar gloves ® Kevlar gloves ®/Last name ex®
Latex gloves Neoprene/Nitrile gloves
Disposable gloves Nylon gloves with PU coating
Nylon gloves with Nitrile coating Polyamide gloves /Dyneema® coating
NBR and nitrile gloves Nitrile gloves with single and double coating

Tidy Pro
lux optical Disposable clothes
SPP overalls SMS coveralls
Breathable coveralls Proshield® /Tyvek® / coveralls ®
Tychem coveralls ® Aprons
Head covers Gloves
Oversleeves Asbestos protection kit
SPP coveralls masks
Waterproof coveralls shoes
Coats-visitor kits
Coverguard Workwear
lux optical Workwear
Workwear Workwear
2 couleurs
Accessories Workwear
haute visibilité
Beavers Food white PU
Aprons Leisure wear
Soya Fiber Socks
Rain Polyuréthane Rain Polyamide
Rain PVC Caps and hats
Accessories sacs
Buck-up Wear
lux optical Leasure clothes
Windcheaters Bermudas
Sweat-shirts Polos
Pulls Trousers
Tee-shirts Socks /Lacets
Protection gainante/bâches de protection
Leasure clothes
Gainants Joint protection
Polyethylene trapaulins